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Why water is so beneficial for human’s healthy lifestyle

Everybody knows that water plays a vital role in human’s lives as we should be drinking 3-4 litres every day; moreover, Doctors recommend to have more water in your day to day life and in terms of keeping your mind and body healthy.

In America, a group of Doctors have found people who drink the recommended amount of daily water have more resist power in fighting with different diseases than people who drink less than 1-litre water every day.  Also, they say 1 out of 10 Americans do not drink water at all and they say this is a serious issue.  Also, they have found the youth generation in America is more into the artificial type of drinks and this makes the situation even worst. Also, people think the food they consume has enough water in it and that would be sufficient to keep the body out of dehydrated.

Here are some advantages that water gives to the human body

  • Forms mucus and saliva
  • Takes oxygen throughout the body
  • Enhance the body and skin health
  • Cushions the spinal cord, brain, and sensitive tissues
  • lubricates the joints
  • Regulates body temperature
  • Make the digestive system in good working order
  • washes out the
  • body waste
  • keep blood pressure normal
  • Enhance performance while doing exercise
  • helps to weight loss
  • Burn excessive body fat


There are many foods that contain a high amount of water such as, tomatoes, oranges and watermelon etc. but the benefit is simply far when compared with drinking water itself.  As they said water is the best source of fluid.

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