Baked Stuffed Breadfruit Minced Meat Recipe

Ingredients :

2 kg breadfruit
300 g minced meat
2 large onion
2 t/s chopped garlic
5 fresh chili
4 t/s cilantro powder
2 teaspoon cumin powder
Some salt and pepper
Cooking oil ( coconut oil or vegetable oil )
some ginger ( chopped )

Method :

Wash the breadfruit thoroughly and cut it in to nearly 2″ X 3″ pieces and scoop out the middle area until it reaches the shell like a basket so that the breadfruit can hold the minced meat ( baked meat ) also make the apposite side a flat surface so that it can stand firmly. Add some salt and pepper on the breadfruit and season it well so that it can absorb the taste well.

Heat up the wok with oil and add onion garlic and chopped ginger and let it be soften and golden colour. ( remember this should be done in a lower heat. now it’s time to add cilantro, minced meat, cumin powder and red chili. Fry the meat until it become golden brown. Add the breadfruit and cover the wok with a lid for 5-10 minutes.  Fill the cooked minced meat mixed  in to the scooped area of the breadfruit.  brush the breadfruit with cooking oil. Cover each stuffed breadfruit with a foil and place it on a ovenproof container.  Heat-up the oven to 190oC and bake the breadfruit for about 2 hours ( it can be slightly different based on the amount you put in an oven) . however, it should be baked until the breadfruit is soften enough.

Remember this dish is better served in hot. you can add some tomato sauce on tip of it to taste better.

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