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Traditional Sri Lankan Sweets “Aasmie” Recipe

How to make Aasmie


500 g Rice flour
1 Cup thick coconut milk
4 Cup light coconut milk
1 Tablespoon Salt
Oil for frying
Some cinnamon leaves
For the Syrup
500 g Sugar
1/2 Cup Water
Essence of rose
Pink colouring

Sifter the rice through a fine sifter. Add channel to flour logically and function admirably with the hand. By then incorporate the salt. Put cinnamon leaves in some light coconut channel, in the blender and blend for a minute. Incorporate the leaf juice (worried) to the mix to make the player disturbing. The hitter should be of a thick, and of appalling consistency.

Debilitate with fairly more coconut channel to get the consistency required for the player. Have arranged a significant round-base skillet around three-fourths overflowing with foaming oil. Take a spoonful of the player and pour it through an Asmi spoon ( a considerable coconut shell spoon with a punctured base and an upstanding handle) into the foaming oil moving the spoon round and all over until the point that a whole circle is surrounded. Release the edges with an oiled spoon, wrinkle over to outline a semi-circle and press the edges together. Turn over and singe the contrary side. The exhaust on paper.

The Asmies should be made sure about for a day or two and subsequently fricasseed again to impact them to light and new. By then light up the most elevated purpose of the Asimies with thickened syrup pouring it in a befuddle plot.

To set up the syrup:

Put the sugar and water in a skillet and thicken it over the fire. Flavour with rose and concealing it pink with several drops of concealing. Pour it on Asmies before it becomes harden.


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